I blog about products, services and venues. My views and reviews based on personal experiences. Sometimes I just rant about my personal views. At all times being authentically me.

Senthy Overview

Blessed and highly favored to be a mom to my awesome son Bronwyn-Lee and girlfriend to the most amazing, caring, loving and all round gentleman Craig Fowels.

Very enthusiastic photographer dubbed the “Family Photographer” for my thousands of photos I take of everything and everyone.


Enthusiastic cook, baker and gardener loving the ability to express myself, then blogging and reviewing products and experiences.  Happy to survey review and blog about almost any product, food or relaxation venues. Constantly on the lookout for new ideas and experiences.




I have a very strong passion for helping the needy widows, orphans, pensioners and people in general. Never been accused of being shy or soft spoken. I am truly of the belief that paying it forward is a rewarding fulfilling experience.




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