Discovering Increda-Peg

My love for all things proudly SA, is no secret and whenever I go out and about, I very often find things, that make me proudly South African. One such happy encounter in the recent past was meeting the beautiful and tenacious Mandy, with her bubbly personality at the Shongweni Farmers Market. She was introducing Increda-Peg, the multifunctional clothing peg. Now before you go so what!!! These Increda-Pegs are more than just a peg. Increda-peg is an affordable, durable and 100% recycled plastic product.


Uses for Increda-Peg

Made local to South Africa these pegs are:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Hooks and hangs using the extra hook function
  • Is an awesome space saver
  • Increda-Peg won’t slip and slide
  • Boasts a wind-lock position to secure your washing on the line
  • Can be used to hook up freshly picked herbs ready for drying
  • Can be used to hook up plants assisting in their optimum growth
  • It is a small one-piece peg with no springs 
  • It has a hook on the one side which allows you to hang twice as much on one peg
  • Can be used for laundry, camping, gardening and, even decor

How did it all start?

photo collage_20200109_0600052551419419993..jpg

Brett, affectionately known as “MR INCREDA-PEG”, is the inventor and patent holder for this incredible product. Brett who regularly does laundry, kudos to him, wanted an extra hook function to hang up all those annoying bits and pieces on the line. It evolved from there, to a peg with so many different uses both indoors and outdoors. Upon my research, I found that they are all over, in local markets and farmers markets too. Happily, I found them in just such a market. These incredibly versatile little lifestyle gadgets can also be found online for order from the brilliant Brett and Margie.

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Where to find Increda-Peg

On this day the lovely Mandy Bergsma was actually handing out these little magical goodies. I am still not certain, if the excitement of seeing the recyclable pegs, that actually work well, or her infectious jovial nature was what caused me to pause and take notice. If you ever meet her, you shall see first hand what I mean. She had a camping lamp suspended from a flimsy line, that was being held in place by just this humble INCREDA-PEG!!! That absolutely caught my attention and of course her industrious merchandising, via Christmas decor, everyday items, Christmas stockings and, even hats. Personally, I can confidently declare with certainty that these nifty, handy and versatile gadgets are the only pegs I will ever need. Proudly local, made from recycled materials, cleverly designed and available online, what’s not to love? Go online, check them out and remember to tell them that “Senthy Says” that she thinks that they have a winning product no doubt. I even use them in my succulents and cacti home garden!