If I have learned one thing in these forty years of existence, I have learned to not tolerate takers anymore!

For years saying NO seemed lodged in my gut unable to spill forth until the bitter gall of being used and taken for granted had finally dislodged it, allowing it to spew forth, without warning and hesitation. The relief of this is most welcome I do declare.

The years of putting up with other people’s drama and self made emergencies and their dire needs has left me ragged and raw. So much so that leaving them to their monkeys doing tricks in their circuses has made for a lighter load indeed.

I have indeed learned that No Good Deed goes Unpunished!!! My sincerest acts of kindness have warranted loads of expectations by others. My years of giving of myself to others has left me losing faith in the basic goodness of people. My warmest acts of selflessness has brought jealousy,disdain and malice like I have never known. Save for the lessons I have learned and continue to learn.  The Takers take because we Givers keep giving!

IMG_20180503_194906_989.jpg Just like nature offers freely and asks just that you care, value and respect her, I too have the same expectation to be valued, respected and appreciated.