There are those that simply choose to shut off their daily mundane lives and switch into festive mode come festive season. After all today’s troubles will be there tomorrow if left unaddressed. There are those select few who like me, choose to despite circumstances and timing and nay sayers use this time constructively and make a difference albeit small but a difference nonetheless.


Keeping this in mind I chose to if only just for a day, pay it forward and hopefully bring joy to kids in Demat. I had planned for months and actively sourced help from all and sundry to achieve this. It should be noted that the nays far outweighed the yays. Those I had banked on clearly did not share my vision or passion. While others knowing nothing of me and my plans clearly did share my vision. Total strangers who got on board and helped make this happen.


I persisted nonetheless as true to my nature every NO, was a step closer to a YES. As the date neared my anxiety and doubts for success rose, but so did my determination and drive to succeed. Ultimately this is what won out in the end. Lesson learned is that when in doubt never mistake delay for denied.

With the window slowing closing in and my reserve of anxiety running low I soon saw the months of persistence and hard work all coming together as if in sequence and just in time too. Needless to say I learned that when the heart is in tune with the will and desire to bring joy to others things usually align themselves to make this happen. Praying in earnest I admit did seem to be my driving force. For those that say prayer doesn’t work I say just this…TRY IT!!!


I ultimately proved to myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Whether you agree or not with my faith know this, it is that which makes me stronger. I ultimately was able to achieve what I personally desired to do all year, through sheer faith and divine intervention. So when you start out on anything remember that challenges will arise. People will be naysayers, but know that your greatest moments will be found in the little moments not the great gestures.

My reward for having stayed the course is evident to me and speaks volumes to describe my elation at having achieved this small but worthy goal. Sharing the true meaning of Christmas and goodwill to all mankind.


My friend, my sister, my ‘twin’ Rachael who for years has done exactly the same.