I have often thought that my name was a unique identity. I also have taken pride in the fact that when I google my name there are a very small number worldwide who share my first name and excitingly enough not a single person worldwide that shares my exact name.(Please alert me if you do find anyone else).

I have known though all my life that my name came to be purely through error and what a happy accident it has turned out to be. When I was born I was registered at birth at the local home affairs office and requested by my parents to be registered as SENTE’ (friend of the family visiting at the time from Holland)MARIMUTHU(grand parents on my mother’s side). The clerk doing the registration unknown to my parents upon registration had registered me SENTHY MARIMUTHU.  Needless to say my birth certificate arrived to the dismay of my folks with an incorrect name.




That proved to be only the beginning of my unique identity. Since then as far back as I can remember people in general especially close family members have for some reason never taken the initiative to pretend to even try calling me by my name. Hilarious as this sounds it has and continues to annoy me like zits on a teenage face. My sister two years older than I am has consistently called me Sinthy.  Occasional through error or annoyance has on the rare occasion actually mustered the courage to mutter out SENTHY. My brothers both also have adopted the SINTHY in laziness or SENTHY when trying to remember my actual name every so often through default!


All through school somehow teachers as luck would have it actually cared enough to pronounce my name correctly every time. Perhaps I should have gotten them to teache my siblings because heaven knows I have tried a million times and through decades have failed. Oh well lesson learned, seize an opportunity while you can, especially if you want to be identified correctly, get your teacher to train your siblings how to say SENTHY haha.


Through the years I have said things like do you know the car brand Sentra well Senthy is like Sentra!!! Alas that has worked fewer times than I care to recall. There are those that choose to rename me Sindy, Sandy, Cindy, Cynthia, Senthilla, Santy and Santay. So much so that I now, when talking over the phone to numerous cold callers and strangers, have resorted to a little slogan that after the fifth or sixth time gets captured and recorded effectively.

S- for Sugar

E- for elephant

N- for not

T- for tea or coffee ?

H- for happy

Y- for yes

Ps. if you are getting my email then add M- for mother

Then comes the giggle on the other end of the line.  I wonder sometimes if the listener is giggly at the marvel of the explanation or their lack of getting it the first time. I have mastered this chant so many times on the phone that I find it easier now to just do that in person also.  Then comes the age old Indian question …..



Firstly why would someone shorten their perfectly acceptably lettered name. Secondly why oh why do Indian folk in my circle of people often very often assume it to be short of something as if my name was not real or complete or enough!


It means my parents cared enough to name me! It means using that name I was able to enroll in school, get an education and even do a resume that actually matches my identity documented name. It means I have an identity for my Tombstone one day and in the interim for Credit Approval or to open a bank account or seek medical attention or like all the other mortals out there with names to have a social media account or several if I wish using my real government registered parental chosen(oh well not in my case) name. It means also I get to be different from you in that my name is different to yours. So when we are both in an interview waiting room and they call my name you will know that I have been called and not you. THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS!!!!!!

FOR FURTHER QUERIES try GOOGLE or better yet I have taken the time to google a little for you as you will now read.

What Does Senthy Stand For

The meaning of this life path does not necessarily indicate how people with the name Senthy will react to the events of their life. Instead it shows our life goals which we must achieve to become the best versions of ourselves. Depending on the expression number and inner nature you may react differently and live as another individual.


What Does Name Senthy Mean?

In numerology the name Senthy has the birth path 1 and it’s meaning is connected to confidence, assertiveness and creativity.

People who have the 1 as life purpose are born to bring a positive creative energy in the world. In your life, you will need to have courage, confidence, authority, a spirit of independence, entrepreneurship and great determination.

Encouraging you to develop, conquer and innovate but also to bear with the consequences of your decisions to always move forward without trying to force a shortcut.

Or you will be led to develop an affirmation of yourself(boldness, pride, honesty, rebellious spirit) and perhaps motivate others by drawing them in your wake.
You will always move towards creation, regardless of the settings(artistic, family or professional). More than anyone, you are drawn to individualize or develop your sense of initiative and ambition. Opportunities will be offered for you to assert yourself, use them wisely to strengthen your confidence.
By seizing these opportunities, you will not only progress but above all you will feel in harmony with yourself. To use this vibration wisely, it is imperative not to belittle others who rise. This initiation invites you to go beyond selfish and egocentric reactions. Stop constantly comparing yourself to others.

Your fundamental support should be focused on yourself rather than others.
Do things for yourself and pay no heed to the expectations of overall society. The entire universe is made up of energies that manifest and flow through all forms of creation.

All human beings have an abundant life energy. However when talking about the path for one, the expression of energy is their purpose of life itself.

Courtesy of http://www.meaningaz.com/what-does-stand-for/senthy


░ Emotional definition for Senthy

Largely independent you are an emotional person. Often hiding that part of yourself from others for fear of suffering. Thus you often prefer to rather be alone than with people who could discover your soft side! You tend to fight against love, in particular the monotony in which most couples can end up in. Your emotional life is pretty tumultuous because you aspire towards freedom. Struggling to live with the concept of a relationship where compromises have to made. This passion shows in all your relationships, making them inflamed or unstable which is always disappointing you. Put yourself into other peoples shoes and give admiration to them just like you want to be admired. Often you are the driving force of the relationship.

Senthy social capability defined

Open, communicative, although independent, you are far from being unsociable. However you like to maintain relationships with friends prompting you to have knowledge of environments. Thus you alternate between needs of social exchanges and loneliness. Courtesy of http://www.namekun.com/name-meaning-of/senthy 

Senthy Meaning and Personality Analysis

Deeply independent, vivacious, quick and enterprising by nature. Frank and direct you do not like to take detours and can’t stand hypocrisy. Nobody will ever find you doing nothing, instead people will find you being constantly busy getting stuff done. The experience of directing people makes you feel powerful and gives great pleasure. Often you will give your all when focused on a task.

Decision making comes easy to you. A deep love for order and creation. Your strong passion makes you move on instinct(sometimes because of envy). Having very little free time because of prior responsibilities and engagements makes being spontaneous hard for you. Believing that there is only one life time you give it your all and try to make the most of it even when its hard at times. However always remember to think before acting and to moderate your impulsiveness which can play tricks. Therefore watch out for anger bursts!

Senthy meaning related to work

Always planning your activities with movement a challenge and bouncing around. Meaning that you need a dose of adrenaline to be able to feel at ease during work. Fast, efficient with a great capacity for work you will give one hundred percent if passion is existent. Working in a team can be a struggle because of a desire to be independent. Being the leader type you often try to challenge established order or authority. Having a leading position offers you much more comfort than being a subordinate to someone else. Suitable occupations: framework, management employee, executive secretary, director, manager, independent, freelance, designer, designer, engineer and high-ranking army, decorator, architect, all trades in relation to the mind, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the head.

What wellness means to Senthy?

Active, dynamic and enterprising, you are constantly in action! Not being able to do nothing you tend to live in the fast lane. Despising fatigue you make sure to always exceed no matter the circumstances. Your weak points are: the head, eyes, nose and teeth.

Senthy meaning on a financial level

Feeling the urge to please others you tend to be extravagant. When discovering something that you like it is very difficult to curb your urges. There exists a complex relationships with money. However despite this form of ambiguity, independence is never a problem, because you always manage to meet your means. Generally your financial life often consists of highs and lows which you perfectly know how to handle.

Enough about the google folk and their interesting yet for the most part some truth to it perceptions on my name. That aside I wish to make note that the two most important people in my life the Senthy Marimuthu heir Bronwyn-Lee Marimuthu, my son, has never gotten my name wrong ever. That is an excellent reason to celebrate. Also the boyfriend, awesome gentleman that he is never once pronounced my name wrong so kudos to Craig Fowels.  You have mastered what many in decades have blundered and butchered, MY NAME.


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